Om-a-can-can-oe Pedal Run Paddle Triathlon



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The 2019 

 Annual Om-a-can-can-oe Pedal Run Paddle Triathlon

has come and gone.  But keep an eye here for the next event in 2020






The Town of Raymond, NH has great access to the Lamprey River, the Rockingham Recreational Trail and several parks and woodlands along both of these fantastic purveyors of beauty and fun!


Friends of Raymond Recreation have mapped out a really fun 5K pedal route around Riverside Park on Sundeen Parkway, a 2K paddle route around Carol Lake on the Lamprey River at the Lamprey River Elementary School and a 3K trail run out on the Rockingham Recreation Rail Trail.

We want you to experience these gifts by joining us every year for the annual Om-a-can-can-oe Run, Paddle, Pedal Triathlon!


This is designed to be a family-fun event.  We're not looking for you to break any world records or anything, but you're perfectly willing to try!  We want families to share our town with us for a day, drinking in the wonderful opportunities Raymond has for recreational activities and relaxation. There will be food, competition and fun as you run, pedal and paddle your way through a beautiful and challenging triathlon course comprising the best qualities of Raymond!  


*Click Here to see the Om-a-can-can-oe Triathlon Course*

Designed by an award-winning World Class Competitive Paddler!


The Om-a-can-can-oe Triathlon Course was designed by Tom Walton, an accomplished competitive paddler.  Tom has assisted numerous communities with the design and organization of biathlons, triathlons, kayaking and canoeing competitions.  He was the recipient of the 2013 Carl Lundholm Award for Dedication to Youth Athletics, as well as  and was also a featured educator and contributor to Arnold Schwarzenegger's book, "Arnold's Fitness for Kids".  Learn more about Tom Walton by clicking here.


Click here to see film footage of the course